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STEP 3D Printing

Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process (STEP) technology by Evolve Additive Solutions // The first of its kind and only available through Fathom​

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3D Printing at Injection Molding Speed
Fathom is the FIRST PROVIDER of Evolve Additive Solutions’ transformative additive manufacturing technology​
STEP 3D Printing

What is STEP Technology?

STEP technology is the first viable alternative to injection molding. Additive lead-time for low volume IM quantity (hundreds/thousands of parts in days) vs months


It enables the additive production of ABS parts within hours or days instead of the typical several-month lead time for traditional injection molding parts. SVP offers higher part quality with both repeatability and scalability. Additionally, the Evolve SVP™ delivers a throughput that is 10 times faster than any other industrial additive printer.​

STEP technology was developed for speed and scaled to offer a manufacturing solution for low- to mid-volume thermoplastic parts and created specifically for production manufacturing.



Since Evolve STEP Technology relies on digital rather than physical molds, Fathom is able to produce the exact same part to the exact same specs with the Evolve SVP system.


Repeatability without compromising throughput or flexibility.


Evolve STEP™ technology eliminates tooling, mold storage, mold modifications and reduces logistics.


These technologies can meet the rigorous demands of customers in the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, and consumer sectors, where products are highly engineered with precise specifications.


The benefits of using STEP technology below provide many advantages. Whether you need small or delicate parts, production quantities or for prototyping- STEP technology is well-suited for your needs. ​

Here are some key benefits below:​

  • Good surface quality without secondary post-processing, especially upward and downward facing surfaces​
  • No need to paint or dye the parts (already a nice black color)​
  • Fine features, small holes, complex parts are a great fit​
  • High strength and durable ABS parts for production (not just prototypes)​
  • Dimensional stability for use in hot, humid environments​
  • Good chemical resistance to acids, bases, water, and alcohols (hand sanitizers)​
  • UL rating at 1.5mm (HB rating)​
  • Water and air-tight (fluid and irrigation applications)

Case Study //

A customer came to Fathom with a complex part that required complex tooling for a racetrack-style scoreboard panel. Fathom recommended STEP technology, a groundbreaking 3DP technology that is able to print injection mold-like parts in days instead of weeks, with similar functional properties and surface finish of injection molded ABS.

Results //
With the deployment of STEP technology, quick and smooth DFAM (Design for Additive Manufacturing) for clip designs saved time and money.

43% Cost Savings   |   63% Time Savings

Advantaged for Small / Delicate Parts​


Measures down to ~0.2 mm​


Designed to 0.2 mm​


Multi-part, intricate build

Advantaged for Prototype to Production Orders​


Example // Check Valves​


Example // Bracket Sets


Example // Threads​

Additive Lead-Times for Low-Volume Injection Molding Quality​


Example // Manifold


Example // Electronics

How Does It Work?


Feature STEP Technology DLS (CLIP)​ MJF​ IM*
Wall Thickness Range 0.25 – >> 10 1.0 – 2.5​ 0.5 – 3​ 1.0-3.5​
Min Hole Diameter 0.4​ 0.5​ 0.5​ 1.0​
Min Pin Diameter < 0.5​ 0.4​ 0.5​ 1.0​
Clearance Between Mating Parts​ 0.25​ 0.5​ 0.7​ NA​
Engraving Depth / Embossing Height​ 0.2 (top/bottom)
0.5 (sides)
0.3​ 1 0.13
Text Size (engraved/embossed) (pt.)​ 4 (top/bottom)
6 (sides)
8.5​ 6 1.5
Build Envelope Size (X/Y/Z)​ 600 x 300 x 50*
*Z height 50+ possible with XY reduction
189 x 118 x 326 380 x 284 x 380 480 x 750 x 200
Dimensional Accuracy 0.20 mm or 0.003 mm/mm 0.125 mm + 0.002 mm/mm 0.3 mm or 0.003 mm/mm 0.003 mm/mm

Units measured in mm​
Capabilities typically material-dependent; values cited are for ABS or most similar option​
* Injection molding capabilities vary dramatically; typical small-mid size part capabilities shown​

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Manufacturing Locations Across National Time Zones
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